We know the pitfalls to anticipate, the questions to ask about the venue, the challenges and, more importantly, the solutions.

The success of your shoot is vitally important, so every teleprompter, presidential prompter, Interrotron and confidence monitor is delivered by a professional technician with all of the appropriate equipment. We can mount any camera- from iPhone to Red Epic. We can feed presidential screens or 50″ Monitors- in fact we can feed up to 8 screens simultaneously.

PROMPT SERVICE– the first call for prompting services to OSB, Sky Television, TVNZ, Mediaworks, Spyglass, Orange Productions, Uno Loco, The Production Company, Production Associates, AV Events…and many more, for over 20 years.

Rate Card

Rates - 15″ LCD High-Bright monitor w/Molded Hood - Prompt Service22″ display and 15″ LCD High-Bright monitor w/ Molded Hood
$800 p/day, $480 half-day
Mounts to your tripod. Recommended unit to accommodate the majority of recording situations, especially if you have exterior locations or blue/green screen work. Can run off battery power.
*System rate includes experienced operator

Rates - 12″ LCD High-Bright monitor w/Softpak Hood - Prompt Service22″ display and 12″ LCD High-Bright monitor w/ Softpak Hood
$750 p/day, $450 half-day
Mounts to your tripod. Has a shorter reading distance but unless you have special requirements this unit will also suit most situations. Can run off battery power.

Rates - 9″ LCD Camera Hood - Prompt ServiceProPrompter 9″ Display hood unit with 7.5″ monitor
$700 p/day, $420 half-day*
Clips to the front of the camera lens. Really only suitable for extreme close-up, in-car or hand-held work. Can run off camera or external battery power, or swap out for a smartphone.

Presidential/Stage System
Manual System:  2 pair of 15” LCD monitors– $1000 p/day ($800 if providing your own monitor/s)
Robotic Riser System: 1 pair of 15” LCD monitors– $1500 p/day (additional pair of manual stands and monitors available at no extra charge)
<5hrs= 60% of day rate
***NB: this system is NOT suitable for live TV recordings. For these we recommend using a large flatscreen display- POA
FOR MULTIPLE PRESENTERS OF DIFFERENT HEIGHTS we recommend our robotic riser system

  • All system rates includes experienced operator
  • Only our 9″ ProPrompter is available for dry-hire at $150 p/d
  • All quoted rates are GST exclusive       Book Us Here