I wrote in an earlier post that it was my impression that the availability of tablets and smartphones with the accompanying explosion in autocue and prompting apps- more than 30 free ones for iPad alone at a quick count- meant that more productions are choosing to cut costs by using existing tools, which in turn appeared to be leading to less call on professional prompting services.

It was also my assertion that the DIY model is often a false economy. The number one reason clients give us for engaging us again after hiring cheaper systems or using prompting shareware is reliability. No one wants to be the person on the crew holding the production up because the gear is flakey or it’s time consuming and fiddly to make script changes.

The success of your production is as important to us as it is to our clients, so every teleprompter- for on-camera or live event- is delivered by a professional technician with all of the appropriate equipment. By appropriate I mean a selection of mattebox rods in a range of typical dimensions; a video amplifier for sending a signal to multiple screens; T-bag floor marker for the talent; and most importantly, a rigging system that will mount any camera configuration quickly and easily.

Why not DIY?

“This is the first time in a while that we’ve gone with professional prompter services and boy did it pay off. You made all of our changes
and directions and set ups seamless, and I can’t express how grateful we all were to have you on board. There will be more to come!”
-Kirk Gross, Executive Producer- Brand Developers


The second reason we get the calls is our experience as operators. We don’t just provide people who know how to work equipment, we provide prompting technicians with years of experience on all types of productions. We help event directors, public speakers and event producers to get the most from the technology, providing helpful insights that create great presentations with an eye on the schedule.

“If I hadn’t got autocue in, Steve, I would currently be lying on the studio floor in a pool of my own blood! Thank God.”
-Sarah Kinniburgh, Producer- Greenstone Pictures