Our portable workstation in the stands at Alexandra Park Raceway.

Air NZ and the All Blacks

This summer has been our busiest ever starting with prompting the end of year awards season and continuing with the many 2017 social media and online campaigns, not forgetting the ever-growing infomercial market.

We worked on the NZ Rugby Awards for the 11th straight year, and two OBs for The Hui. We were also called in to help with the OB for the launch of the flash new Scientology New Zealand HQ.

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A disturbing trend we’re trying to turn around is producers- both video and live event- not engaging with us at the production design stage, or at least, before the day of the gig. We arrive on location to find that the prompting system requested won’t fit in the area designated; more than one presenter is intended to present at a single podium; allowance has not been made for time needed to relocate the system during a live event; or not enough on-camera monitors have been booked for multi-cam recordings.
We realise that clients don’t always know, what they don’t know so this year we’ll be proactive in asking more questions about productions at the booking stage. For live events this will include checking on stage design, any requirement to clear the stage during an event, and the number of people using a podium at any one time.
And for video recording this might be checking if a presenter will be required to adjust their eye-line between cameras while presenting to camera