Prompt Service introduces the first robotically-operated stage teleprompting system in NZ.


Telestepperⓒ is the very latest technology for quickly and remotely adjusting the mirror height for multiple speakers of varying heights, or lowering the glass (or microphones!) below audience sightline when not required for speakers.

Until now, our operators were required to manually set and change mirror heights when multiple presenters used the same podium.  This process calls attention to different speakers’ heights and adds unnecessary delays between speakers- sometimes it’s just not possible in the time available.  With the Telestepperⓒ motorized rise-and-fall stands our operators can now silently adjust both mirrors (or microphones!) heights up to 1 metre in vertical travel…from over 22 metres away!

You want your on-stage prompter system to match the high production value of your staging. The Telestepperⓒ system has cylindrical surfaces with the lowest possible profile and disappearing edges, vital for upmarket events. Using our 45cm extension rods you can even have the system in front of the stage and able to lower to stage height when not needed.

Our operator positions the Telestepperⓒ using a hand-held 2-button remote control which quickly sets both mirrors to any of 15 different heights, including a “home position.”  TeleSteppers are direct-drive for simplicity, reliability and to eliminate mirror rotation- no computer programming is involved.Height settings are saved in non-volatile memory, and a manual backdrive feature is standard should a loss of venue power occur.  

So when you want the very best on-stage prompting set-up, height-adjustable at the click of a button and able to lower out of sight- book Prompt Service’s Telestepperⓒ.

Travel: 60cm (standard), 105cm (with extension rods)
Positioning: 15 positions @ 4cm increments (standard mode)
Power Supply: 110 or 220VAC, input-selectable
Velocity: up to 8cm/second
Remote Cabling: 22m’ is included, can be extended if necessary
Height: 77cm in retracted position (standard travel, top of clamp)
Noise: <30 dbA @ 1m


$1500 p/day (inc operator). Additional manual pair can be added to booking at no extra charge.