It’s getting quiet out there, isn’t it?
After a busy start to summer the event business in particular has dropped right away and will be affecting a lot of our clients. It’s not even something that dropping rates can fix. If the events are being cancelled, or just not scheduled, there’s very little we can do except hope that our diversification strategy works.
For us, that includes making sure that additional on-camera systems are ready to go out to accommodate the increase in corporate video messages being recorded and virtual conferences being undertaken. When your client has an important message to deliver, nothing beats looking the audience in the eye and deliver that message accurately and with confidence. And not everyone can do that naturally when a lot of information needs to be imparted. That’s what teleprompters are for.
Jump-cutting around short sharp statements might be a fine editorial choice for fun upbeat messages, but when you want to reassure, communicate sincerity, and project stability, then longer takes will always have have more impact.
Our robotic risers have really taken off in popularity- well, they were when all the gigs were still going ahead. From CEOs and Board Chairs of differing heights requiring the same system for Annual Shareholder Meetings, to multi-speaker conferences, to live television where prompter screens need to be quickly cleared from shot and then returned, robotic risers are the only solution. We even have mic holders that will our Telesteppers to raise and lower microphones.
Battery-powered location prompting
When your presenter needs to deliver 7 minutes of H&S training information in a train carriage, where the power has to be off to silence the aircon, only a fully battery-powered prompter will suffice. The same goes for a beach or playing field location. Our location kart system will operate and feed our 12/22″ hood unit from any 12-19v battery source- be that D-tap from the camera, V-lock or gel cell. And out Pro-Prompter rig is not just for mounting handheld devices for prompting. Tight spaces like vehicle cabins- or any hand-held rigs- will benefit from a 7″prompter monitor directly in front of the lens.
And finally, always engage a prompting service that knows their equipment and how to get the best from it to make your production go more smoothly and efficiently. Don’t be these guys…
Kia kaha me ma te wa,