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Prompt Service uses modern BDL Autoscript hardware and software as well as the first robotically-operated stage teleprompting system in NZ, Telestepper!

Telestepperⓒ is the very latest technology for quickly and remotely adjusting the mirror height for multiple speakers of varying heights, or lowering the glass (or microphones!) below audience sightline when not required for speakers.

All of our stage conferencing system consists of a pair of optically-treated 12″ reflector screens mounted on black floor stands over a pair of low-profile 15″ LCD monitors that sit on the floor pointing straight up to provide the script to the reflectors. The monitors and cabling are hidden from the audience by low-profile folding screens.

We have two pairs of monitors and screens to provide prompting for speakers on either side of a stage- or room!- and can also supply larger LCD monitors for placing at the back, or elsewhere, of a venue (POA). In fact we can feed up to 8 screens simultaneously.

The many benefits of this new setup include: a less-obtrusive on-stage profile for the monitors and stands; less weight for size for transporting – especially when freighting; and having two pairs of monitors means that we can accommodate speakers in two different locations in the venue at the same time if required.

Recent clients include: Air New Zealand, Property Council New Zealand, NZ Radio Awards, AUT, TVNZ, MediaWorks, Les Mills, and many more.

Benefits of Teleprompters for Live Presentations

The major benefits of using teleprompting systems to aid presentation delivery are:

Auxiliary Memory – A presenter needn’t learn their lengthy speeches verbatim. The right words or cues will always be with the presenter at the right time. This aids flowing speech, and therefore clear communication with the audience.

Eye Contact – A presenter is able to maintain eye contact with the audience , whether the audience is a theatre or a video camera. With paper-based speeches, audiences often spend a good proportion of the presentation looking at the top of a speaker’s head.

Clean Edits – Speeches are often edited just before the presentation. Distracting, scribbled out lines and replaced words don’t appear on our computer driven equipment. The speaker only sees what’s meant to be said. Also, as scripts need to be typed up, they can be vetted an approved in advance if required.

Multiple View Zones – Say a presenter needs to look away from the teleprompter for a lengthy period, to narrate a Microsoft PowerPoint™ illustration projected on a screen. Daisy-chaining another reflector or monitor to an alternate view zone is no problem. The speaker can turn away from a primary teleprompter to read off a secondary prompt in his view line, following the same script flawlessly.

Saves Time – Even if the speaker has time to learn the script, teleprompters help ensure live events run to schedule.

Professional Image – With the conferencing system lecterns and reading easels needn’t feature on stage. This provides clear view lines to the speaker for audience members close to the stage and, combined with common radio mic technology, allows a certain degree of freedom from a spot on the floor. The benefit is more animated deliveries and therefore more engaging presentations. It also looks extremely professional and cutting edge.

Helpful advice – Prompt Service isn’t just equipment. Always with a Prompt Service hire-age, you get a friendly and knowledgeable operator who can offer tips and coaching on-site, should you ask for it.


How can we help you?

Our operators are able to give you sage advice on basic presentation, but will last-minute tips assist you effectively? As well as providing teleprompting assistance Prompt Service also offers short training seminars on how to best use a teleprompter. These seminars include:

  • optimising your performance
  • recordings to monitor your own performance
  • voice / delivery training – taking direction
  • basic scripting and editing
  • stage presence
  • …and associated advice on delivering your message with maximum impact!

These seminars are about breaking down anxiety and becoming familiar with stage or video environments. Presenters go from nervous, uncomfortable speakers to commanding presenters in these sessions.


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