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    PLEASE NOTE>>>> Prompt Service is currently operating to the Small Crew COVID-19 guidelines. 

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  • Is this a pencil hold? Are their special conditions? Do you know the start time?
  • What You're Hiring

  • Prompt Service provides operators and prompting gear for video and film production and live events. All hardware is driven by specialised computer software with full word processing ability. Your operator is trained to set up the equipment.
    Even if we’re shooting in the middle of a forest, our battery powered system gives you a full production day of operation. Others may say they provide "professional operators" but only Prompt Service has fully trained and field-tested operators with the experience to save your production time and money.
  • When We Can’t Help You

  • IN RAIN – sorry, we won’t allow our equipment in wet locations like rain, snow, raging seas, saunas, swampland, etc.

    DRY HIRE – except for our ProPrompter kit we do not hire out our gear without an approved operator. Even the Interrotron system must be delivered and rigged by one of our operators.

  • Which System? (all quoted rates are ex-GST and include operator unless otherwise stated).

    Mounts on your tripod. Most suitable for exterior locations and blue/green screen work. Can run off battery power.
    Clips to the front of the camera lens via adaptor rings. Most suitable for close, hand-held work. Weighs only 1.2 kg and features a 7 1/2" LCD display fed by our prompter system and can run off camera or external battery power. Kit also includes and clamp mount for holding a smart phone up to iPhone7+ size.
    Comprising 9" ProPrompter Camera Hood mounted on a PDX-10 w/tripod, + 22"/12" on-camera display with all cables and rigging equipment- basically everything required for direct eyeline between interviewer and interviewee. INCLUDES DELIVERY, RIGGING AND COLLECTION.
    Includes 1x gel cell battery + V-lock adapter with D-tap connector cable for powering from V-lock batteries. DOES NOT INCLUDE OPERATOR.
    For stage presentations. Floor stand-mounted glass reflects flat-profile 15" LCD monitors. Read from 1-3 metres. FOR MULTIPLE PRESENTERS OF DIFFERENT HEIGHTS we recommend our robotic riser system
    Includes 2x gel cell batteries
    (Note that these are the rods only and hirer will have to provide their own adapter plate for them).
  • Conditions Of Engagement.

    The following is based on the Screen Industry Guild Aotearoa New Zealand ‘Code of Practice for the Engagement of Crew in the NZ Screen Production Industry’ (Blue Book) and applies to all Prompt Service work.

    The client agrees that Prompt Service is engaged under the terms and best practices set out in "The Blue Book" Code of Practice for the Engagement of Crew agreed to between the SIGANZ and SPADA 2017.

    Any variation to these practices must be negotiated and agreed to in advance of booking.

    Travel: Travel time is considered to be part of the working day, with the exception that for work in the operator’s town of normal residence, first call (and wrap) may be at a studio of location within 20km of the CPS. An operator will not, in this circumstance, charge for travel to and from the studio or location, provided they are only transporting themselves and their personal equipment.
    If the studio or location is more than 20km from the CPS, all travel time is to be included in the working day. Where an operator is required to pick up equipment or personnel, first call is deemed to be at the time of pick up.

    Meal Breaks & Refreshments: A meal break of at least 45 minutes will be scheduled 5 hours after commencement of the working day. If this 1st meal break is required to be shorter than 45 minutes it shall only be by agreement with each crew member. Refreshments shall be continuously available throughout the day.

    Mileage & Parking: Where an operator agrees to use their own vehicle (other than for personal transport) for travel outside the 20km travel zone they charge at $1 per km. Parking fees are the responsibility of the client.

    Cancellations: A confirmed booking cancelled with less than 24 hours notice (excluding weekends) will incur a penalty equal to 100% of the booked appointment (OPERATOR + AUTOCUE).

    Overtime: The first 2 hours over time is charged at T1.5 (pro rata, daily rate, OPERATOR ONLY). Time after this is at T2. If a half-day booking goes over 5 hours, a full day (10 hours) booking will be charged.

    Payment Terms: The Client agrees to pay entire invoice within 7 days following the date of invoice. Should payment not be forthcoming within this period, the client is liable to pay interest, charged at 20% per month, and collection costs are recoverable.

    >>> Prompt Service is currently operating to the Small Crew COVID-19 guidelines. <<<
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