Control Stations

about-usBoth of our control stations are Windows 10 laptops which accept USB memory sticks/flash drives, and can read a large variety of word processing file formats. Usually it’s best to save as a Word DOC and also a TXT file as a back-up.


One kit is permanently mounted on a specially designed kart and ideal for outdoor location or shoots with multiple set-ups across a variety of locations. The other kit is packed within, and operated from, a hard case so requires a table or suitable flat surface to sit on. This kit is also the one which – along with a flat-packed-down hood unit – is able to be transported around the country by air.

Examples of different Camera rigs (click image to enlarge)


Video Support

12-inchTFT2 VIdeo Prompt Service uses Autoscript hardware and software.

We have two Autoscript 12-inch LCD (or, to be exact, LCD TFT) High Bright on-camera monitors units and one 15″. These are the brightest prompter monitors available for hire in New Zealand. The reflector glass is optically treated to reduce internal refractive ghosting of text on the reflector and may affect exposure settings by knocking light back about 1/4 a stop.

The hood unit mounts on the tripod using and Arri adaptable mounting plate with 17mm-diameter rods, however we also have a sets of 15mmm and 19mm rods available which clients can use on their own adapter plate for mounting matteboxes and follow-focus units. It’s worth noting that in most cases a mattebox will not be able to be used as it’ll position the camera too far away from the prompter hood.

We do not supply camera base-plates, only the mounting plates that go between the wedge/snap plate and the base-plate, however we do carry a riser to lift smaller cameras off the mounting plate. We recommend that your tripod levelling bowl has a diameter larger than 100mm and can supply a suitable tripod if required.

The weight of the 12-inch- and more modern 15″- units is just over 5kg, and can be powered via mains or batteries. We will supply enough battery power to operate for a full day if requested. The monitors also have view controls for brightness, contrast and image options.
As long as you have a heavy enough tripod to support the weight of the prompter we can also mount miniDVCAMs.

In short, we’ve yet to find  a camera we can’t accommodate on our rig (see the variety of rigs featured above)

We also have a ProPrompter system available. To enable it to be mounted directly onto the lens of an internal focus camera it has a much smaller (9” widescreen) monitor so can only be read from a few metres away (especially outdoors), but does mean that it’s better suited to confined spaces (in-car, in-cockpit) or handheld or Stedicam shoots. It also doesn’t require a heavier tripod. Generally the 15″ or 12” monitor+hood units are the most appropriate option.

Environmental Conditions of Use

We cannot allow our autocue gear to be run in wet environments. Quite simply, teleprompters weren’t built for that sort of work, and because protecting the gear either affects camera or sound recording, or impedes control station operation, it’s impractical to carry wet-weather gear with the unit.

Hirages are taken on the understanding that if the operator makes a call that it has become unsafe or impractical to operate the autocue under environmental conditions, our equipment cannot be used.